Tuesday, August 11, 2009

El laser

No estoy seguro de que sea un fake... se llama Sticky Light y pego lo que dicen los creadores de esto:

"is a 3d tracking technology using a laser diode (low power), a pair of steering mirrors and a single non-imaging photodetector. The big difference to other tracking technologies is the fact that the Sticky Light doesn´t use a camera or projector. So what could you do with? It can track the contour of objects and even augment real-time drawings. Or you could build games like air hockey or a pinball game.
The scanned material does not need to be just a black and white flat drawing; it can be virtually anything (a colorful tissue, a moving volume). What it's needed is that the scanned object present enough contrast for the "sticky light" to be able to know it's whereabouts, and then stick and/or follow the countours and shapes (see video re-drawing hand). It can even change its direction or modulate the speed as a function of the colors or even the distace from the object to the laser head."

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